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Danish Veteran Moped Club


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Erik Estländer, Roskilde produced the popular 2-speed Express (Teknik) engines under licence.

He collaborated with Dansk ESSO A/S on the front page of a little manual about the engines.


Info / news

If you want to adjust the power of your engine, get help here.





Soldering on Aluminium


Berini and CycleMaster (pictures of BoatMaster M15 and LandMaster M17 added)


Derby's Italien connection (picture of a Taurus Cocker engine added)


Derby’s Dutch cousin DUC BOCK


Meyland-Smith's three wheelers


NSU Quickly engine here

HVA Flinta engine here

SCO 3-speed engine here

Estländer Teknik M55 og M57 2-speed engines here

Derby's 2-speed engine here

Minarelli 4speed engine here

Sachs 2-speed engine here

Diesella 118 engine here

SCO 1-speed engine here

Zündapp KM48 engine here

Floatless carburettors here


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