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Articles about moped marks and their history


The moped factory Derby from Aarhus in Denmark carried out a fantastic advertising effort for their products. When they achieved the license to produce a 2-speed Italien engine, the new connection was heavily utilised.

Derby's Ferrari connection

A similar engine from Italy was exported to the Netherlands

Derby’s Dutch cousin DUC BOCK

Meyland-Smith is an old well estemed Danish manufacturer of equipment for physical dissabled persons. In “vintage” years the company manufactured 3-wheeler mopeds for dissabled.

Meyland-Smith's trehjulere

Already before Wold War 2 DKW Auto Union began the design af a new motorwheel, which they named Radmeister. But the Wehrmacht had other plans meaning the development stopped.

However, after the war the development continued in the Netherlands.

When Radmeister came to the Netherlands