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Twice a year Dansk Veteranknallert Klub arranges an all day rally. The Spring rally and the Autom rally. The tour managers always consider that we want to see tall buildings, water, forrest, and cows.



Frank is quite exited to participate in the beautyfull spring rally of the year.



Members from other vintage moped clubs, or friends, are always very velcome to participate in our rallies. On this picture, however, it’s opposite. Here DVK participates in a rally arranged in the very best manner by SVK.



Are we fare from home, we usually bring a service trailer along, so nobody are left helplessly alone, when the break downs occurs.


12 En dansk produceret Velo Solex 330 typ1 fra 1955 - Kørte som en drøm www

Usually some of us participates in the Velo Solex rally in Svaneke on the island of Bornholm. The basic rule is that the moped has to be a Velo Solex, or it should be driven on the front wheel. (i.e. Velo Vap, Berini, Rex)


- and usually, we also participates in the Nordbornholms Veteranknallert Rally, that is always very well arranged.

However, one should consider very carefully which moped to choose, while there are good hills to climb on this part of the island.


By the way, there are many very nice local vintage moped entusiasts on Bornholm, so the island is indeed worth a visit.