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The Function of the Carburettor

Full throttle, medium throttle, choke


The series starts from the right, where the cold engine is started with the choke fully engaged.

The Structure of the Carburettor

This carburettor is of the make Bing.

Below are the words from this picture translated. (Will be embedded later).

Throttle cable

Idling screw

The different settings of the throttle needle


Choke lever

Choke adjuster

Throttle valve

Air filter

Mixing chamber

Throttle needle

Needle jet

Air channel

Holes for pre-mixing of petrol and air

Main jet

Idling screw

Counter nut


Carburettor body

Throttle valve

Throttle needle

Needle jet

Main jet

Petrol channel

Petrol pipe

Needle jet


Float chamber


Carburettor types

Top: Accessible external main jet and cylinder shaped float.

Bottom: Internal main jet and ring float.